2021 Magna Vides White - Bottles & Barrels

2021 Magna Vides White

Ribera Del Duero, Spain
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The Albillo variety of a century-old vine is practically extinct in Ribera del Duero. In the old vineyards you can find loose plants mixed with Tempranillo and other varieties. All our vineyards are worked in an ecological and biodynamic way.

We locate each Albillo strain from each vineyard and harvest it early, before it matures too much and that beautiful acidity drops. We press the grapes after leaving them in the cool overnight to obtain the coldest must possible. Descant naturally (without fining agents) for 24 hours.
We let it ferment without manipulating the temperature for a month or more, until it is finished. We remove the fattest and dirtiest fermentation lees by racking and cleaning the same barrels where it will then spend about 12-13 months, until the must of the next vintage arrives.

Golden yellow color. Subtle on the nose, with citrus and almond blossom aromas. Intense, saline, shocking mouthfeel. Very long and fast finish. Really original.


$69.00/bottle | 750ml/bottle | 12 bottles per case

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